Interested in become a beekeeper - Read on

Anyone wishing to become a beekeeper or those just wanting to learn more about bees, there are several options. All possible options are listed below including information on taking a short course

       1. Contact your local branch of the British Beekeepers Association.
       2. Talk to a local Beekeeper
       3. Go to a branch meeting
       4. Contact the British beekeepers Association
       5. Visit the out Apiary at Lytham Hall (Opening times to be announced)

Introduction to beekeeping
a comprehensive course for beginners

This course is a series of three two hour sessions, two by Zoom and one practical at an apiary.
The course is designed for those interested in becoming a beekeeper or for those who wish to
know more about beekeeping and honey bees in general.

The course, which costs £40 is quite comprehensive covering many aspects of beekeeping, knowledge, the equipment used by beekeepers and handling live bees.

It is an ideal start for beginners and novices to beekeeping and those considering becoming a beekeeper.

You can download the Leaflet and booking formhere